Tree Delivery

Delivery to your home is included in the tree purchase price.  Let us take care of the messy part of transporting a real Christmas tree for you and bring your tree right to the front door.  If you also take advantage of our tree stand solution we’ll deliver the tree, stand installed, so all you have to do is decorate.

Our Serviceable Delivery Zone is east of the Don Valley Parkway, South of O’Conner Ave/St. Clair Ave. E. and West of Brimley Ave.  Deliveries outside of this area may be serviceable with an additional charge, depending upon availability.  Please contact us to discuss.  

Please use the delivery availability calendar included on the Your Cart page before checkout to determine available delivery dates based on your postal code.  A limited # of deliveries are possible per day, per delivery zone, so please select the next available calendar day that works for you.  Deliveries will be completed daily from Noon – 8pm & 10am - 8pm on the weekends.  The current anticipated tree delivery period for 2022 will be Nov 25th, to Dec 12th.


During the pandemic period, all distancing and personal protective equipment requirements will be met.  Trees will be delivered onto front porch, or yard areas with no requirement for customer contact.