Our Story

The Christmas Tree Company was established to handle the business side of the Beaches Lions annual Christmas Tree Sale.  The four partners grew up in the area and founded the tree sale to have fun catching-up with each other, while engaging with the community and selling Christmas trees.  Picking out the perfect tree, sharing stories and getting to know customers and their families on the lot, became an annual tradition.

Quickly aligning with the Lions Club as an effective way to give back, along with a focus on providing quality trees and delivering a high level of service, the company enjoyed early success at the Kew Gardens Park location on Queen St E., in Toronto.

Over the years we’ve managed relationships with many nurseries and a wide range of service providers such as customs brokerage, logistics, fencing and waste removal companies.  Now one of the largest annual fundraisers for the Toronto Beaches Lions Club, we are proud of the donations that have been made possible and continue to brave the elements at the new Woodbine Beach location, West of the Summerville Olympic Pool.  The annual commitment to have some fun, lose a few pounds and deliver quality Christmas trees to the Beach community is still part of our lives.  We look forward to continuing the tradition, and helping you home with your next quality tree!

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